By Musicians For Music Lovers               Moves are afoot to completely re-vamp AudioPond Radio's website, Facebook page and broadcast facilities and change several features. This will be a work in progress situation with the changes being introduced as and when they become available. It is hoped that we will be able to post AudioPond videos for download somewhere on this site. These will be promotional videos for Jon Evan's compositions, and also the full Elektronica Rubato album.  As that particular series is in 2 parts, with the first part, Elektronica Rubato - Seasons itself being sub-divided into 4 further sections of approximately 30 minutes long and the second part, Elektronica Rubato - The Muses into 9 sub divisions of approximately 6 minutes long one can well imagine the logistical nightmares! Promotional videos, but NOT the complete  Elektronica Rubato series, will still be viewable on our Youtube account.

Broadcasting will re-commence at some juncture, but not in our previous format obviously. It is hoped that a 24 hour Jazz, Classical and Fusion programme will be introduced with  new compositions slots being featured. As an aid to this facility we are actively seeking new composers/writers of any genre who are prepared to give their services free to listener ( or AudioPond come to that).

As we have the desire to stick to our free music to all policy, none of our programming, videos or downloadable music will contain items by "names", unless they agree to a totally free situation, which, with recording companies, managers/agents and other self interested parties involved, is extremely doubtful. As one can appreciate The AudioPond Project are desirous of remaining totally independent

Our chat room facility will remain. It is still available at the moment even though the radio isn't broadcasting.